Tracy United Methodist Church
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Samaritan Fund


       In the fall of 2008, a Good Samaritan Fund was established at Tracy United Methodist Church. This fund is meant to help those people in our church and in our community that are in need. 
       Money is not paid directly to the people that apply,  but is given in the way of Food and Gas Vouchers and payments made directly to a Utility Company, landlord, etc. 
       Since this Fund was first started, a total of $2055.77 has been paid out to help others. As many as 14  families have benefited from this Fund.
       Help has been given in the following areas:
              Food Vouchers
              Gasoline Vouchers
              Utility Payments
              New Tires for Vehicle
              Prescription Medication
       Application Forms are available just inside the front doors of the church. Completed applications are to be placed in the box next to the applications.
       We appreciate your generous contributions to this Fund, and hope that you will continue to support this mission of Tracy United Methodist Church.